Enchanted Farm Tour

Walk along a magical trail and meet the mythical creatures that reside in the ancient forest.
Unicorns, Winged Goats, Multi-colored sheep and Exotic Alpaca grace your path as you wander along a cave lined trail into the hidden valley. Find your way across the mermaid and mo’o guarded waterways and encounter fae folk and hear stories of the menehune.

Enjoy our mythical creature petting zoo!

Sunday, October 25th, 12-4.

We take your safety seriously! Due to recent health and safety concerns, we’ve made adjustments to our procedures and are following the latest Maui County guidelines.

Online sales have closed, please bring cash to the gate for in-person ticketing.

Here is an article about us from the Maui News 

Private Tours

We also offer private tours of the farm, email us to schedule if interested.