Awalau Farm - About Us

Located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui

Awalau Farm is a 30-acre sustainable community. Nestled between a 62,000 acre eucalyptus reserve and a bamboo forest, Awalau Farm features stunning views of Maui’s north shore and contains hidden waterfalls and pools for those seeking magical rejuvenation.

The farm focuses on gardening, goat tending, property construction/improvement and clay harvesting. Work days include tasks related to these and more.

Jeremy Safron, Host of Awalau Farm

Awalau Farm is owned and operated by Jeremy Safron, a resident and active community member of the Hawaiian island of Maui for over 20 years. He is an author, farmer, inventor, restauranteur, yoga and kung fu teacher and generally regarded as a Renaissance Man by friends and students alike.

Jeremy Safron is a devout champion of nature, eternal student of the martial, meditative & mystic arts and a musician, author, teacher, and inventor. Jeremy has initiated innovative ideas and alternative angles in the fields of yoga, culinary arts, fitness and sustainable living.

Jeremy’s permaculture farm known as Awalau offers WWOOFing internship experiences on Maui where they host the Haunted Haiku Hike an Interactive outdoor theatre and Mythological Creature Sanctuary for Halloween as well as farm exotic fruits and healing plants year round.

He is best known for his books The Raw Truth and The Fasting Handbook, and for creating the Dragon Yoga system, the Unpredictiball- a reflex training game and for being one of the founding fathers and pioneer of the Raw Food Movement.

You can read an article about Jeremy (“Portrait of a Renaissance Man”) which outlines his many talents and interests.

You can find out more information about Jeremy on his website.