Sunday Oct 27th
Noon – 4 PM
Join Awalau Farm and Maui’s Myth and Magic community for a fantastic family friendly walking adventure tour. Meet Wandering Wizards, Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns and other Mythological Creatures. Create crafts & play farm related games to win prizes. Enjoy the Mythological Creature Petting Zoo and Enchanted Greenhouse. Costumes Encouraged. $10 map donation for entry.

  • Feed the Unicorns
  • Sing with the Mermaids
  • Pet Fire Breathing Dragons
  • Mine Mystic Gemstones
  • Play Macadamia Archery
  • Fantastic Photo Ops
  • Wandering Wizards
  • Mythological Creature Zoo
  • Wand & Craft Booth
  • Costumes Encouraged

Join in the Fun: Participate in the Myths of Avalon!

If you want to take your mythical-costume-character fun to the next level come and join our cast and crew on our magical event.

  • Got a fun fantasy costume and character you’d like to enact?
  • Got a theatrical itch you need to scratch?
  • Looking for a great group of people to spend the mystical holidays with bringing wonder and education to the visitors?

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved . . .

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